Energiser Syrup - SG (Shrimp & Garlic)

Energiser Syrup - SG (Shrimp & Garlic)

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sweet PVA-friendly booster liquid offers a versatile and flexible option for enhancing your fishing tactics. Its PVA-friendly nature allows it to be used in various applications, limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Here are some examples of how a sweet PVA-friendly booster liquid can be utilized:

  1. Solid PVA Bags: Add the booster liquid to your solid PVA bags along with your chosen baits. The sweet scent and flavor will permeate the bag, providing an attractive and enticing trail for fish.

  2. PVA Mesh Bags: Apply the booster liquid onto PVA mesh bags filled with pellets, ground bait, or other loose feed. This will create a concentrated burst of sweet attraction when the bag dissolves in the water.

  3. Spod and Spomb Mixes: Incorporate the sweet booster liquid into your spod or spomb mixes to enhance the taste and scent of the bait spread. It will create a cloud of attractants, drawing fish to your fishing spot.

  4. Method Mixes: Mix the sweet booster liquid into your method feeder ground bait or pellet mix. This will provide a sticky and highly attractive consistency, improving the effectiveness of your method approach.

  5. Zig Rig Fishing: Apply the booster liquid to your zig rig foam or buoyant baits. The sweet flavor will enhance the visibility and scent trail of the bait, increasing its appeal to fish feeding at different depths.

  6. Hook Bait Soaks: Soak your hook baits, such as boilies or pop-ups, in the sweet booster liquid. This will infuse them with an irresistible flavor and attractant, making them stand out to fish and increasing your chances of a bite.

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